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Hello there!

You can find a few details about me here, including where I’ve written and spoken.

I’ve contributed to numerous online platforms including interview The Village magazine, writing and editing for She Loves Magazine, Converge Magazine, the Mighty, Vancouver Mom, Canuck Place, and interviewed by Today’s Parent. 
In the past I’ve been a part of various events including Gather Women’s Conference,  Canuck Place Gift of Time Gala,  She Loves Magazine event and a  Rise Women Wellness event.
I am available to speak at events, and would be happy to connect.


I am most active on Instagram, where I love to write mini blogs, mostly on #mamagrief, a hashtag I created shortly after Florence died. This tag is now filled with stories from other bereaved mamas.

Please get in touch with me if you have a product or event you’d like to promote that you think will align with my style and values. I enjoy organically promoting products that I’m passionate about.


You can also find me on my Facebook page.


I believe we all have a story, written on our hearts. One of my favourite hymns, called Blessed Assurance, sings: this is my story, this is my song.

We are all pilgrims on a journey somewhere, to the beautiful places, the dark places. We all face pain and loss, sometimes discovering deep wells of joy and freedom. Sometimes hitting the very bottom of the well.

I think our stories are like those fantastic children’s books that offer various endings and twists and turns. Sometimes things just happen that are out of our control, but we have to keep flipping the page to get to the gold. Sometimes we take paths that lead us into adventures and yes, heartache. But we all have stories, and I love gathering them. They shape us. And they are always being written.

I also have a desire to see mama’s in all walks of life, on all sorts of journeys, find redemption and joy on their motherhood journey. Especially those mama’s that feel broken and hurt, rejected, left out or struggling with their child’s health issues. This is motherhood too, and it’s not easy, but it can be redeemed. The ashes of this world, can be turned into a beautiful garland of joy.

Imagine that, being crowned with flourishing wildflowers, a diadem of beauty—with the very thing that could have destroyed your heart if it was left in the dust, if it was left broken.


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