interview with Today’s Parent Magazine: our journey with Canuck Place

October 5, 2018, Michaela Evanow, 0 Comments

I was really honoured to be interviewed by Today’s Parent magazine a few months ago about our time with Florence and Canuck Place.

Christen put together a beautiful article that I’ve linked to below.

Excerpt from Today’s Parent article:

The children’s hospice that helps terminally ill kids really live

by Christen Shepherd.

“I was overwhelmed at first with the idea of a hospice,” says Michaela. “It meant acknowledging Florence didn’t just have special needs—she had a diagnosis that meant she wouldn’t emerge from childhood.” But Michaela says that not only did Canuck Place staff help her family navigate that terrifying terrain of preparing for their toddler’s death and learning to live with their grief, they made sure Florence experienced many of her most exciting moments at the hospice. It was there that she first met Santa face to face, that she had her face painted and that she held a fluffy chick. “When Florence was dying, there was nowhere else we wanted to be,” recalls Michaela. “We found strength there to make memories.”

Many parents are hesitant to make that first call to Canuck Place, fearing where it all leads. Most wouldn’t guess it might lead to an afternoon on a zip line for their child who uses a mobility device, or to a family showdown on the basketball court for their child who requires an oxygen tank.

Read the full article here.

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