words to ponder and pin: 1 Timothy 1 and Psalm 119

November 16, 2013, Michaela Evanow, 0 Comments

Grace, hope, love, all bundled up for the pilgrimage. Isn’t that what our walk of faith with is? A pilgrimage? Not to seek and change our minds, and be tossed to and fro like the waves of the sea, but to grow, to keep running, to seek Him. On the rough roads, when it feels like we are looking and waiting with heavy eyes, homesick, like Psalm 119 describes, we have to trust that the road we are on will lead us to a place of mercy and blessing. We have to trust that the hope of heaven outweighs any and all grief that we face on this earth.1 Timothy 1:4 michaelaevanow.com

1 Timothy 1:5-7, Learn how to love with pure and simple love...

psalm 119:81-88, HOPE, michaelaevanow.com

Psalm 119:37, God divert my eyes from worthless things. Invigorate me on the pilgrim way. michaelaevanow.com

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