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Somedays I really want to post, but when all is said and done, I can’t find five minutes to sit down at the computer and write. Either I’m too tired, it seems there is way too much to say, or my brain is on pause.

But then fall rolls around the corner, and all these words come exploding out of the woodwork and I want to write so badly.

I’m copying a dear friend’s idea to help her writer’s block. Check out becca over at exile fertility. She is a fantastic writer and inspiration to me.

I’m listening to: Patty Griffin is always my go to music. If you haven’t discovered her, you must. If you don’t own her music, buy it. For me. As in, buy it, for me, not buy it for me. I have it all. She sings to you, to your heart. It doesn’t matter how dark the day, she melts it. The memories attached to her songs, the warmth in her voice…I will never tire of her gift.

Our first wedding dance was to “Heavenly Day.” It was sung by our sweet friends (who are also wonderful musicians and you should also buy their music). And then a few years later, we saw Patty Griffin live, and she sang Heavenly Day, and we danced together again, in the perfect venue for dancing, with the lights turned low, and small tears riding on my lower lids. You can’t really beat a moment like that.

Some of my favorites: MLK Song, Forgiveness, Not Alone, Nobody’s Crying, When It Don’t Come Easy, Mary, Someone Else’s Tomorrow, I Don’t Give Up. What are your favourite Patty songs? If you don’t know of her, and decide to check her out, please come back and tell me how much you loved her.

I’m eating: Fresh arugula from my garden. It’s spicy, it has bite. You can’t buy arugula this fresh and sassy. Although it is one of the most unromantic vegetables to pick, it is worth it. It’s low to the ground, small, and once you pinch off a leaf, you’re left with a bunch of flaky, small stems that can flutter away in the wind. Since I’m a five minute gardener, I like taking back armfuls of produce to my house in one trip. Arugula does not allow for this.

I adore plucking zucchinis from the garden. They always hide beneath those lush, green canopies, and before you know it, they have grown past their prime. But, they remain edible, unlike bush beans, which I also grow. They turn starchy and purple inside, and it’s been sad watching these giant beans hang low to the ground, dying.

I’ve also had the pleasure of growing green onions, kale, rainbow swiss chard, beets, potatoes, carrots, butter lettuce, parsley, basil, rosemary, cilantro (it died), peppermint (it’s too big), lavender, rhubarb, tomatoes, chives, and we inherited two Adriatic fig trees, blackberry bush, a humungous concord grape vine, a bay tree (bay leaves anyone?) two mysterious Italian sour berry trees and a miniature pear tree with rust disease. We are renting a dreamy little house, from an Italian family and we are so blessed.

I’m drinking: Kefir. I’ve always loved fermented drinks like kefir and kombucha, but stayed away from them when pregnant. So I was happy to dive right back into kombucha post pregnancy, until I had a bottle with chia seeds in it. Yes, that was a slimy and chunky bad idea. Kefir, on the other hand, is fabulously creamy and has a slight effervescence to it that’s a gift to the tongue. I don’t make my own yet, but hope to get around to that someday. Check back soon for a recipe for kefir soup that is delightful and nourishing!

I’m watching: Friday Night Lights, Parenthood and Downton Abbey. I would like to say I’m not a huge TV watcher, but that would be a lie. Sort of. I don’t watch TV, I watch the laptop. I don’t flip through cable, I watch Netflix. I usually turn it on first thing in the morning, and breastfeed with my Americano right next to me, and get my fill of Tim Riggins and Tammy Taylor while I try to keep my creaky eyes open. I will say that if I had cable, and we had a TV upstairs, I might have the Food Network on all day, just because it’s more comforting than homemade soup. I’m not sure why, but watching food being made, and learning new recipes, it just soothes my soul!

I’m also watching the leaves turn golden. And it’s watering my dry, summery soul.

I’m reading: I wish I was reading these days, but I just don’t have a book that’s captivating enough to keep me occupied, besides Making It: Radical Home Ec for a Post Consumer World. What a lovely book. I’m most interested in the chapters on making tinctures, soaps, balms, salves and infusing raw honey. I already make placenta tinctures, but this book tells you all about herbal tinctures, and I think it’s wonderful! Any book recommendations for me?

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