time for sharing: my favorite (modern) lullabies.

April 5, 2012, Michaela Evanow, 0 Comments

I’ve discovered one of my favourite things is rocking Florence to sleep with a modern day lullaby. She loves noise, whether it’s crowds of people, the sounds of Sunday morning at church or music. The other night after she fed, I held her sleepy body in my arms and played ‘Red Rover’ by Rosie Thomas. Suddenly the tears started to fall, as I felt the gentle weight of her body and heard her sweet intake of breath. She was with her mama, safe and secure enough to fall into a deep slumber, eyes firmly shut, mouth hanging open, arms resting above her head. It is those moments that make motherhood truly magical.

So here’s my list of favourite ‘lullabies’ for baby Florence and I. Hope you enjoy them with or without a little one!

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