what’s in a name: choosing Florence Marigold.

March 11, 2012, Michaela Evanow, 4 Comments

baby name Florence

I’m sure most new mothers and fathers are asked this age old question: Why did you pick that name for your baby?

We know Florence is different, but also very familiar. Everyone knows of the name Florence, but it’s use has declined over the years. Florence was most popular in the 1880’s-1920’s until it’s decline in the 1960’s. It’s of Latin origin, and is making a small comeback in England.

It’s a beautiful city in Italy, in the Tuscany region famous for it’s history, art, architecture and the important role it played in the Renaissance.

Florence Nightingale was born there and named after the city. The mother of nursing, she was a hardy, feisty soul that revolutionized health care.

Florence is also in the family, although we didn’t name our daughter after the Scottish great grandmother on my mother’s side. She had an amazing pair of vintage glasses, and perfectly coiffed hair do.

We chose Florence because it’s classic, beautiful, yet unique. It’s a vintage name, of course, and I think it is very romantic. She will most likely be the only Florence in her class, and I love the sound of “my name is Fwo” on a little girl’s lips.

Florence means blossoming, prosperous, blooming. Those are all beautiful attributes that I want spoken over my baby.

Flo, Florrie, Flossie, Wren, whatever we choose, I love them all! (We picked Flo, and seems you did too!)

Marigolds are a beautiful flower, found all over India in abundance. They are used for all sorts of celebrations, as offerings, as gifts of beauty. They are somewhat similar to the Lei in Hawaii.

I wanted her to have some connection to India, since I spent many months catching babies there. Not only that, in India baby girls are often not wanted, and I saw it time and time again, when mothers realized they birthed a baby girl, they would turn their head in shame. I was thrilled when we found out Florence was going to be a girl. It was like stamping out a tiny piece of injustice. Yes, a first born girl! What an honour for me.

Marigolds are known as the “Herbs of the Sun” and are symbolic of passion and creativity. Folklore says that marigold water was used to bring forth fairies if rubbed on the eyes, and if sprinkled under ones pillow, they would bring forth prophetic dreams.

My love for folklore, creativity, flowers, colour, culture and symbolism played a large part in choosing Marigold as a middle name.

She was born to blossom, our little one.


  • Reply Brittany May 12, 2015 at 8:33 PM

    🙂 I felt the same when we found our our first, Emery, was a girl!! Love your sweet Florence. Holding you all in my heart and praying deeply for the days to come.

  • Reply the birth of Florence Marigold. | Michaela Evanow September 30, 2013 at 1:07 PM

    […] Florence Marigold was born at 1:37am on March 7th, her great grandfather’s birthday on Jay’s mother’s side. It was a little over seven hours from start to finish. I know I was blessed and given two great gifts from the Lord that day: my baby Florence and an empowering, complication free birth. […]

  • Reply Bev. Nash (Grandma) March 14, 2012 at 7:04 PM

    I love the name! It really grows on you. I like Florrie and Goldie a lot, as well as Flo. She is such a beautiful baby girl and I am thrilled beyond measure!!!!!!!!! Miss her so much! Great post Michaela!

  • Reply Miriam March 11, 2012 at 9:17 PM

    It’s a lovely, classic name! I like it a bit more knowing it is related to the city of Florence, I have to say (being Italian and all). The beautiful thing about a name is that as the little person reveals their personality, the name becomes even more alive and sweet. Well done folks – I think she will be proud of it.

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