come on now child, don’t cry.

May 25, 2011, Michaela Evanow, 0 Comments

“There’s something about rain in the summer season that tempts me to spend all day indoors, curled up on a couch, staring at a wristwatch, fingering the time. I’ve been spending my day watching the fog weave itself in and out of the fir trees. Dreams explode and yet the dampness of the day takes over my mind and I think of days gone by.
It’s hard to remain in the present, when all you know lies dormant in the past.

Home hasn’t quite found a place in my heart yet. I feel like I’m just visiting for an extended period of time. Which is true. One day I’ll leave and write about delicious and dark cities abroad and tempt you all to see the world and make a difference.”

-excerpt from my old blog life at Xanga, circa 2007.

You can tell the world what you want them to hear, you’ve got nothing left to lose my dear.

Cairo. Note: the pepto bismol colored patch of calmine lotion on my foot. Big bites all over. Garbage.

That’s the trouble with you and me, we always hit the bottom before we get set free.

Hospital, Hyderabad. Note: relatively clean patch of floor. And shoes. And horrid but fun punjabi pants.

I’m so far down, I’m beginning to breathe.

India. Note: The one and only time I wore a sari. The faded mehendi. The sandals that fell apart after a few days.

If we stay swimming here forever, we will never be free.

Thailand. Note: Just note it all. The water, the bare skin, the warmth, the invigorating exoticism of it all.

Come on now child, don’t cry…

I knew that taking pictures of my feet around the world would really mean something to me down the road.

It’s time I did a little spin and went back to simply writing, because that, after all, is where my heart lies. Food, I love. Food makes me feel full and brings me pleasure, but alas, I can only dabble in one area for so long. I’ve learned that about myself. I have to have an outlet, and if I’m not posting a blog on food for, oh a couple of weeks or a month, then it’s time I move on. Because, I can find the time (I think…) to make up stuff and take photos of it and eat it, but it seems I don’t want to find time to do that anymore. That time has passed. At least, it will not be the bread and butter of my blog.

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